Functionalab Group is an innovative developer and marketer of beauty brands focused on the dermocosmetics and professional aesthetic markets.
We leverage our entrepreneurial spirit and creative strengths to achieve superior growth in the most promising sectors of the beauty world.

Functionalab Group

Professionally Endorsed
Beauty Brands

A Synergistic Brand Portfolio

Our brands have all been developed and
endorsed by health practitioners and
dermatologists to offer the most innovative,
science-based and effective anti-aging solutions


Top-tier network of aesthetic clinics that specializes in non-surgical rejuvenation treatments.

Dermapure’s team is composed of qualified, experienced doctors and professionals who follow proprietary standardized protocols for improving all aspects of skin health for face and body.

Our philosophy is to deliver visible, natural-looking results through a holistic approach that combines the latest technologies, topical products and nutritional supplements to fight aging from the inside out. A comprehensive assessment is the first step in creating a personalized rejuvenation plan that addresses immediate skin concerns and targets signs of aging to help our customers achieve a healthier, younger-looking appearance over the long term.

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Developed by a multidisciplinary team of skin scientists and nutritionists, Functionalab was one of the first to develop a holistic skin system combining both topical and ingestible skincare under a unified solution. Since its foundation, Functionalab has been acclaimed and recognized globally as a true innovator. Our professional line has now been extended, in collaboration with aesthetic medical clinics, to meet the requirements of practitioners to deliver skincare solutions integrated into their treatment protocols.

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The Science of

At Jouviance, we specialize in anti-aging skincare products. All our products are dermatologist-developed and formulated with optimal concentrations of high-efficacy active ingredients and designed for the most sensitive skin types.
Our products are also free of parabens, sulphates and other irritants. Plus, we always ensure that our products are multi-functional and easy to use. The result is an exceptional range of skincare and intelligent makeup products that brings out your beauty and promotes a youthful, healthy glow.

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Management Team

Roger Southin, Marilyne Gagné, Francis Maheu, Erick Geoffrion

Erick founded and led the growth of Functionalab Group with Francis Maheu from its inception in 2009. With his numerous achievements and unique experience in brand marketing, international distribution of consumer goods, and business development over the past 20 years, Erick has become a real trendsetter in the cosmetics and nutrition industries. Directly responsible for strategic contracts with LVMH, Estée Lauder and Interbrew to name but a few, Erick provides global expertise in development of innovative products, brand building, international distribution of consumer goods and the marketing approaches used to commercialize them.

Francis founded the Functionalab Group with Erick Geoffrion in 2009 and led it through exponential growth in the beauty market via both acquisitions and organic growth. Before founding Functionalab in 2009, Francis enjoyed a successful career as an investment banker, specializing on cross-border strategic advisory, M&A transactions and funding of entrepreneurial ventures. He was recently a Managing Director at Lazard Frères and COO of the Canadian business and also worked in New York at Credit Suisse First Boston and Lehman Brothers. Francis has also been involved in a variety of business ventures as a principal. Francis has a law degree and obtained his MBA with Distinction from INSEAD.

Roger founded Jouviance with Nicole Sénécal in 2003, where he leveraged both his chemist background and his sales and marketing leadership. Roger began his career as a bench chemist (B.Sc. in chemistry) with Smith, Kline and French, moved on to Ciba Geigy (now Novartis) in production and quality control and later as Director of Strategic Planning. He joined Schering-Plough as Director of Marketing and after 11 years left to join Pfizer Canada as Director of Marketing and later Director of Sales. After 14 years at Pfizer, he took early retirement in 2004, but continued as a consultant for Pfizer in Japan for several years.

Marilyne founded Dermapure in 2009 after seeing the significant opportunity in the non-surgical aesthetic medicine market. In a short period of time, she led the growth of Dermapure from a one-clinic operation to a growing network of aesthetic medicine clinics with a leadership position and a unique positioning. Prior to founding Dermapure, Marilyne cumulated several years of capital equipment sales, including with the largest distributor of aesthetic equipment and lasers in Canada where she trained physicians on the latest and most sophisticated rejuvenation technologies. Marilyne also acts as beauty editor on TV.