Clinics Division

Together, Dermapure and Project Skin MD represent the leading network of aesthetic medicine clinics in Canada specializing in non-invasive treatments combining the latest innovations in skin rejuvenating technologies.

Our brands are considered, by industry players and consumers alike, as forming one of the most dynamic and forward-thinking networks in the world. Dermapure and Project Skin MD have redefined the concept of aesthetic medicine clinics with an unique customer experience and inspirational branded, retail-focused concepts with universal appeal that sets them apart from traditional aesthetic clinics.

The Clinics division operates in 17 locations across Canada gathering approximately 40 of the most-recognized and experienced dermatologists and cosmetic doctors and over 200 beauty advisors.

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Partnering with Functionalab Group

Join a Group that is shaping the future of aesthetic medicine and leveling up the standard of care and customer experience in our industry.

With their proven success in Canada and the broad appeal of their brands and concepts, Dermapure and Project Skin MD seek to continue building the strongest, branded aesthetic medicine clinics network with partners that share the same values and passion. We are selectively and actively assessing qualified partners to help accelerating the Canadian and international development of our network.

Our unique knowledge and vision of the industry makes us a different and long-term partner. Our experienced, multi-functional team offers value-added support on a number of fronts allowing our physician partners and clinics to focus on what they like most, be at their best, achieve a balance while being part of a team of likeminded professionals sharing in best practices:

- Marketing, branding and patient experience

- Professional development and training at the highest medical level uniting the most experienced practitioners

- Business support, including in human resources management, procurement as well as Operations

- Financial management, accounting and business intelligence
The Clinics Division employ more than 50 dedicated resources to support our partner practitioners
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